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Frequently asked questions

What is the recommended age for Casita Club?

We adapt our space to different ages.
From 10:00-13:00 our play area is set up for ages 0-3. We readjust the space for ages 3-6 and 7-10 during our afterschool classes. Older siblings are welcome in our parent zone at anytime.

Does my child have to be a member to participate in an activity?

No. As a member, your spot is reserved each week. However, you can pay classes individually with our drop-in price. (12,50- per class)

How can I pay for my class or membership?

Once you have decided which membership is right for your family, you can purchase it at Casita Club (Carrer del Camp 90, Barcelona 08022). We accept credit card or cash. Try your first after-school activity for free! Reservations to hello@casita-club.com If you want a coffee, we recommend you bring cash. (Each coffee is 1 euro)

I have a baby and a child between 3-6, which membership is best for me?

You can personalize your membership by selecting a LEARN MEMBERSHIP (3-6 yrs) and adding the PLAY PACKAGE for your baby.

Can I bring snacks for my child?

Snacks are allowed in our parent area. However, we don't allow food in the play and class area in order to keep the space clean.

How often are toys and the space cleaned?

Our toys are cleaned after each play session and each activity. Should you find your toddler with something in their mouth, we have a special box to clean these toys correctly. The space is cleaned thouroughly enteren 13:00-15:30 as well as at closing. You will also find automatic (no touch) hand sanitzers throughout our space to ensure you stay germ-free!

Can I enjoy a coffee while my kids play?

Yes! We have a cozy parent area where you can chat with a friend, enjoy a coffee and get some work done while your children play!

Does Casita Club have wifi?

Yep! We have designed our parent zone to be cozy and luminous so you can get some emails answered while your little ones enjoy playtime.

Can I drop off my child to play?

We apologize for the inconvenince but we don't offer a daycare service at this time. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

What is expected from parents & caretakers while at Casita Club?

We ask parents and caretakers to please watch their children to ensure the safety of their child(ren) and other children. - to watch that their child is playing in an appropriate manner, which includes: not causing harm to him/herself or other children playing and not causing unnecessary harm or damage to the toys, walls, or structures within our space. - to be kind to fellow club members and encourage playing together and sharing when possible - to be a good role model and show clean up of toys at the end of their visit. - Seperate any toys that may have been in child's mouth and place them in our "Babas box" for cleaning

Can I buy a gift card for Casita Club?

Of course! We offer personalized gift cards for any occasion!

Do you have a changing table?

Yes, in our bathroom.

Do you only speak English?

Our aim is for your children to become comfortable and confident with learning and playing in English. However, we both have bilingual families and speak fluent Spanish. If we see that a child is uncomfortable or "lost" in the activity, we will help them along in Spanish.